Name: Anna 

Username: princessh0327

Age: 18

Appearance: Blue eyes, orange hair in two braids, slim

Personality: Caring and adventurous

History: Elsa's powers got out of hand at her coronation and the town found out. Elsa ran away and built a castle. Anna went on a long and dangerous journey to find her sister and gets struck in the heart with Elsa's powers. Anna finds out she can only unfreeze her heart by true love. Thinking her true love was Hans she went back to her village only to find out that Hans only wanted her kingdom. Hans left Anna to die. During this Elsa was imprissoned and her powers created a huge storm over their village and was in the middle of it. Hans set out to kill Elsa and Anna went after him. Right before Hans was going to strike Elsa with his sword Anna jumped out in front and froze. In the end Elsa and Anna's sisterly love unfroze Anna's heart and they lived happily ever after.